Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now I Pod

Just a month ago I got the I-Pod. And I have noticed my world has changed.

Actually a few years ago, the fine people at the TD Bank offered an I Pod as an incentive to move my money. I did. But it was a strange little machine with very little space to store my Guess Who album - which I listened to during my hip resurfacing surgery.

Anyone wanting more detail on that proceduce can request it as a blog entry - and I will document the month torture which included cellulitis, shingles and a return of my gout...

My first I Pod was wonderful during the procedure until it stopped and I spent the last hour of the replacement bantering with the team doctoring my hip - thank goodness for the drug twilight...

When planning began for the trip to the Red Mountain Spa in Utah, the acquisition of a I Pod became an important element. And because West Jet decided to retool its inflight entertainment equipment it became an essential necessity.

Since my return I have had my little I pod (3G) accompany me on transit trips and noticed really for the first time, how many people are into their own little world while commuting.

My usual public transit trip practice included reading the paper, doing the Jumble and crossword people watching and chivalrius behavoir. And yes I had noticed a lot of ear buds and ear phones. But since unconnected myself from the sounds of the city, I realized how cut off everyone is when they travel.

I now understand why so many people jostle or bump into me while transfering from subway to subway because now I am one of those culprits as well.

Maybe I will stop the practise of I poding in the subway and on buses although I will miss listening to Taking Care of Business each day.

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