Saturday, April 10, 2010

I saw Old People

The bumpf on Atom Egoyan's latest film, "Chloe" is that is is an erotic thriller. A fatal attraction sort of a movie (if you saw that you knew that everything was not going to work out for at least one character).

So I decided to attend a Friday matinee (being self-employed or for that matter self unemployed I can do that). When I came into the theatre there were three rows of old people - I mean white hair (not grey) seniors.

It was publicized well in advance that this was erotic thriller that would iclude some female action so - were these audience members confused and in the wrong theatre? Were they waiting for How to Train Your Dragon - I thought not as none of them were wearing 3-D glasses.

After the series of commericals and trailers, the film began... and within maybe 30 seconds there were some breasts (lovely ones indeed, thank you Amanda Seyfried)....

And then as the movie rolled along there was male with female, female with female, more female and female...

I tore myself away from the screen to watch the reaction from the senior section - there was none.

The film was gripping, but a little slow for me, predictable with some good acting. Tornto played a wonderful supporting role but I had one question. They showed this amazing arch area and I could not figure out where it is in the city (please respond if you know).

The film ended and most of the older audience stayed throught the whole credits.

I wondered what the discussion would be around the dinner table at the home that night and who might be trying out some new movies after cookies and milk.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fall from Grace

I gave in.

After one day of keeping away from the lure of my I Pod, I succumed due to a very boring street card ride. My poison, the highly addictive Tri Towers solitare card game.

And the perfect tune to accompany the exercise in futility - An America in Paris

I moved on to the finger flicking exercise of Paper Toss spending my time trying to get crumpled up paper into the basement garbage can - and not being able to break my record of four consecutive baskets.

As the bus approached my stop I finished the trip with Icy Escort. attempting to help mam Penguin (or Papa - I don't want to be overly sexist) gather her/his brood while jumping up to eat goodies.

Help me!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Pod free for one day

It has only been about three weeks that I joined the I pod generation and it had become common practice to put the ear buds in as soon as I got to whatever mode of public transit I was taking.

I even admit to downloading Glee (the first album, not the second) so I could sing along with the cast.

However for some reason when I went down the escalator to get the subway this morning, i did not take out the ear jacks. Instead I listened to the sound around. And when the train came I did the Jumble, without tuning out my fellow voyagers.

And was that was done, instead of playing solitaire or trying to score baskets with the crumpled paper i'd flick with my forefinger, I just sat and watched and listened.

On leaving the subway and returning to the street, there were birds chirping and cars honking and people begging - things I have missed while in my little world I listened to Burton Cummings "Taking Care of Business".

I am sorry to say that I doubt it will last

Saturday, April 3, 2010

getting validation

So I started this blog because of an assignment for a on-line travel writing course that I am taking and whne it began three facebook friends immediately signed on (after a little coercion and offering prizes-the draw will be made midnigth of May 1). Those numbers have since swelled to four who have signed up.

Are there others of you who have not signed on and just cruised by this site? Is this a site? I really have no idea how this works except I write and perhaps someone reads.

I performed stand-up for many years (and improvisation) and with an audience of course the feedback was immediate - usually good. How can you not love a Jewish Eskimo performer doing Innuit stchick?

But this exercise is like playing in a vaccuum so I am not sure who (if anyone) is reading this - or caring.

But just in case - good news - my "teacher" just commented on my first major travel piece and his observation was (among other things) that I should write a blog. It pays to be edjudicated by highly-trained professionals.

Other students commented quite favourably on the piece (one thought I put too many parenthesis in my work - imagine that).

So my next entry will be my semi-highly acclaimed "One Night Stand in Vegas" - followed by my teacher's comments.

This will give you time to spread the word about its appearance. Please!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1

Oh for the good old days when this date meant something... usually a chance to put marbles in my uncle Sid's bed (favoruite uncle who lived with us for about six years). One night my brother Joel and I went a little too far so he came into our room andlifted the matress off the bed so we were sleep vertically against the wall (mom was not too happy)

I never really pulled off any big scam although I did try to get married on April 1 but my ex-wife was not pleased with the notion and we settled on April 2 - oh so many years and $72,000 ago (but I am not still bitter).

But to add a note of historical perspective to this "holiday" (researched for Canada AM and I still have the mug from my appearance), April 1 was originally New Year (I can't remeber exactly when - my appearance and research was gone a LONG time ago).

Some peole would pull prnaks like putting fish down other people's backs (there was not Comedy Network in those days). And they were of course considered April Fools.

One last thing, remind me not to start blogging at 4:32 in the morning... it's just not working. I apologize for taking up your time