Friday, March 26, 2010

the Fantastic Fourth

Okay I will stop counting the blogier and get on to blogging...but thanks you to the latest member of the followers...

Spent an hour with an old friend who I have known two-thirds of my life (please do not try to calculate that number) Steve Witkin (two of you know him quite well)

He got our rendez-vous at the coffee shop/bakery a little early and was seated when I crossed to meet him and accidently unplugged the computer of two York Univerity students (female) sitting at the table across from him.

The witty banter and repartee continued with him - and then me - commenting on our age differences. (Yes one was quite attractive). Once replugged we let them get with to their business of talking about a project they were working on as we caught up and compared aches and pains. But the theme kept returning to youth and age (and the attractive woman which even he remarked on).

Two days ago I met with a noted tv/film producer who I did some work for (which never saw the light of the screen) on the soon-to-be-released film Gunless. I impressed him enough with my work and/or work ethic to get a sit down (and glass of wine) to pitch some ideas.

Unfortunately what he (and others) are looking for are stories that relate to the YOUTH market - even though his youthfulness is long gone. He didn't want to make movies for grannies anymore so I put my ideas back in the folder and finished my wine.

So here I sit and - yes I admit it - I must be middle age because I don't see me living past 107.

And I really don't want that numerical figure of age put on my body (and mind).

Because there is an age bias.

I was lucky that pretty early in life I was allowed to do a lot of things (like gopher for tv shows, while I was in high school) and trust me I don't want to hold on to jobs to the exclusion of the next generation.

I just want to be able to challenge for any opportunity on an even keel with the young folk and not be disqualified because some of the hair is turning gray (at least it is all still there). Maybe that is why it is illegal to ask you age in a job interview.

I am only as old as I feel - and now that my hip has been resurfaced, both eyes have become cataract free and my prostate has been nuked, I don't feel a day over 39 (thank you Jack Benny) except those days I feel like I need an afternoon nap (most of the days).

But I am still game for anything (except skydiving or bungee jumping or going on roller coasters that go upside down... or...

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