Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1

Oh for the good old days when this date meant something... usually a chance to put marbles in my uncle Sid's bed (favoruite uncle who lived with us for about six years). One night my brother Joel and I went a little too far so he came into our room andlifted the matress off the bed so we were sleep vertically against the wall (mom was not too happy)

I never really pulled off any big scam although I did try to get married on April 1 but my ex-wife was not pleased with the notion and we settled on April 2 - oh so many years and $72,000 ago (but I am not still bitter).

But to add a note of historical perspective to this "holiday" (researched for Canada AM and I still have the mug from my appearance), April 1 was originally New Year (I can't remeber exactly when - my appearance and research was gone a LONG time ago).

Some peole would pull prnaks like putting fish down other people's backs (there was not Comedy Network in those days). And they were of course considered April Fools.

One last thing, remind me not to start blogging at 4:32 in the morning... it's just not working. I apologize for taking up your time

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