Saturday, April 3, 2010

getting validation

So I started this blog because of an assignment for a on-line travel writing course that I am taking and whne it began three facebook friends immediately signed on (after a little coercion and offering prizes-the draw will be made midnigth of May 1). Those numbers have since swelled to four who have signed up.

Are there others of you who have not signed on and just cruised by this site? Is this a site? I really have no idea how this works except I write and perhaps someone reads.

I performed stand-up for many years (and improvisation) and with an audience of course the feedback was immediate - usually good. How can you not love a Jewish Eskimo performer doing Innuit stchick?

But this exercise is like playing in a vaccuum so I am not sure who (if anyone) is reading this - or caring.

But just in case - good news - my "teacher" just commented on my first major travel piece and his observation was (among other things) that I should write a blog. It pays to be edjudicated by highly-trained professionals.

Other students commented quite favourably on the piece (one thought I put too many parenthesis in my work - imagine that).

So my next entry will be my semi-highly acclaimed "One Night Stand in Vegas" - followed by my teacher's comments.

This will give you time to spread the word about its appearance. Please!

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