Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Pod free for one day

It has only been about three weeks that I joined the I pod generation and it had become common practice to put the ear buds in as soon as I got to whatever mode of public transit I was taking.

I even admit to downloading Glee (the first album, not the second) so I could sing along with the cast.

However for some reason when I went down the escalator to get the subway this morning, i did not take out the ear jacks. Instead I listened to the sound around. And when the train came I did the Jumble, without tuning out my fellow voyagers.

And was that was done, instead of playing solitaire or trying to score baskets with the crumpled paper i'd flick with my forefinger, I just sat and watched and listened.

On leaving the subway and returning to the street, there were birds chirping and cars honking and people begging - things I have missed while in my little world I listened to Burton Cummings "Taking Care of Business".

I am sorry to say that I doubt it will last

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